Eunice Nachilima Mwale

Zambia National Team

Am Eunice Nachilima Mwale A worship leader at Apostolic church in Zambia. I am an entrepreneur.
I came to know about NLWI in 2019 through Timothy Simwanza who later introduced me to Pastor Donald. The same year I attended the first intensive school in Zimbabwe with my six months old baby ….I was transformed after learning alot of things and Dwayne Moore taught about the three directions of worship the kittle illustration has stuck in my mind. I have also attended coaching sessions attended the intensive school in Ethiopia and kabwe Zambia…. My life has never been the same because I have learnt that its more than music but its a lifestyle. Its a day today thing, its having christ and his word deeply rooted in me. Am so privileged to be part of this great family.