Coaching Hub Page

Greetings, coaching students!

Welcome to LEGACY Phase of Worship Leader Coaching! I am excited to work with you as we walk through these weeks together!

This page will be our hub where you can find the information and resources offered exclusively in our coaching network. I’ve listed them out in the toggles below. Please take time to look through them.

Here is the link to our video meeting each week. Use this link to login:


Session 1: Lasting Impressions & Impact/Permission to Dream
Session 2: Spiritual growth/Holy Hands
Session 3: Empowering/Mentoring
Session 4: Song-writing with your team
Session 5: Organizing for Success
Session 6: How Prayer Shapes Hearts of Worship
Session 7: Taking Worship Outside the Walls
Session 8: The Glory of God
Session 9: Managing the Craziness of Ministry
Session 10: Worship Leading for Life (details, finishers, Long View book)

*Topics subject to change and reordering

(Choose one from each category)

The God You Can Know by Dan Dehaan
The Inner Life by Andrew Murray
Sit, Walk, Stand by Watchman Knee
Called to Worship by Dr. Vernon Whaley
Pure Praise by Dwayne Moore

The Lost Art of Disciple-Making by Leroy Eims & Robert Coleman
The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy
Church Unique by Will Mancini

It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It by Craig Groeshel
Building Strong Worship Leaders by Dwayne Moore
Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley
Worship Ministry Guide by Dwayne Moore
The Longview by Dr. Roger Parrott
Secrets of a Secret Shopper: Reaching and Keeping Church Guests by Greg Atkinson

Class Schedule

Note: Each week’s class is EITHER on Tuesdays from 8:00pm-9:30pm US Central (Chicago) time OR Sundays from 3:00-4:30pm US Central (Chicago) time. If you do not live in the Central time zone of the USA, you will need to convert the time to your own time zone. For example, if you live in Central Africa (CAT), you are 7 hours ahead of US Central Standard time. Therefore, classes would be 3am-4:30am for you.

LEGACY Coaching Phase Schedule 2021

Session 1: Tuesday, September 14 8:00-9:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Wednesday, September 15 for internationals)
Session 2: Sunday, September 19 3:00-4:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Monday, September 20 for internationals)
Session 3: Tuesday, September 28 8:00-9:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Wednesday, September 29 for internationals)
Session 4: Sunday, October 3 3:00-4:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Monday, October 4 for internationals)
Session 5: Tuesday, October 12 8:00-9:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Wednesday, September 13 for internationals)
Session 6: Tuesday, October 19 8:00-9:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Wednesday, October 20 for internationals)
Session 7: Sunday, October 24 3:00-4:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Monday, October 25 for internationals)
Session 8: Sunday, October 31 3:00-4:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Monday, November 1 for internationals)
Session 9: Tuesday, November 9 8:00-9:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Wednesday, November 10 for internationals)
Session 10: Sunday, November 14 3:00-4:30pm US Central (Chicago) time (or Monday, November 15 for internationals)

  • Attend and participate in live classes.
  • Read 3 books from emailed reading list and do book reviews (500-1000 words).
  • Complete final assessment.
  • Enjoy yourself!

Please go here to schedule a conversation with Dwayne.

Links for session recordings will become available here as we do each week’s live class.

Session 1: Permission to Dream Passcode: f5s=gmZ2

Session 2: How Spiritual Growth Happens Passcode: U=YX.X*8

Homework will be posted here as it is assigned each week.

Session 1:

  1. Work on 3 growth goals for you and your ministry (Share with Dwayne).
  2. Record videos of you and your team leading and send to Dwayne.
  3. Pick a book and start reading.

Session 2:

  1. Presentations start next week! Be sure to know your assigned date and come prepared for a 5-minute presentation that is interesting & pertinent.
  2. Keep reading! Try to send a book review by next week if possible.
  3. Do the Life Conditioner plan for (at least) 21 days.
    1. Download the Next Level Worship App from Google Play or the Apple Store.
    2. Click on WorshipLife>Life Conditioner
    3. Click on grey button to get started.
    4. Complete the form and submit it.

Look here for PowerPoint files and other files that Dwayne may share with the group.

Session 1 Powerpoint:

Session 2 PowerPoint: