Congratulations on being awarded one or more scholarships for our training courses at Next Level Worship!

Please read the following instructions carefully:
  1. Please complete the online Registration with Scholarships Form below. NOTE: We can only hold your place in the course(s) for TWO WEEKS. If we don’t receive your registration form within two weeks from the day we notified you, then you may forfeit your scholarship(s).
  2. Be sure to indicate on the registration form what scholarship(s) you have been awarded and what courses you plan to take.
  3. You will be asked for a credit card number on the registration form that we can use for your balance (if applicable). We will charge half of your balance up front as a deposit, and then we will charge the remaining balance one month later (unless we’ve worked out a payment plan with you).
  4. You may request a payment plan if you need more time to pay your balance. If so, please email sonia[at] and ask her about a possible payment plan for you.

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