Our unique Sponsorship Program connects worship leaders in Africa and other countries with worship leaders in the US.

Who can be sponsored?

  • You must be 17 or older.
  • You must be the main leader of music/worship in your church.
  • You must sign our Sponsored Leader Covenant.
  • You must have a deep desire to grow as a worshiper and worship leader.
  • You must be approved to participate by our selection team.
  • You must pay a registration fee of approximately $10 (US Dollars).
  • You must have access to the internet at least once a month (for communication with your sponsor and downloading resources).
  • You must agree to our Statement of Beliefs.

How it works:

  • We assign one US worship leader with one African leader (male with male and female with female). Sponsors work with their one sponsored African leader the entire time.
  • Sponsored leaders are given a “care package” of worship discipleship resources from their US sponsor (via WDMI). The care package includes the books like Pure Praise by Dwayne Moore, Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin, and The Dynamics of Corporate Worship by Dr. Vernon Whaley. In addition, it contains an instrument instruction book (of the sponsored leader’s choice), instruction videos, team devotionals, and the e-book, Building Strong Worship Leaders.
  • Both the US sponsor and the sponsored African leader must complete a 6-month covenant agreement (renewable if all parties desire).
  • The sponsored leader registration fee of $10 (US dollars) is a one-time fee which is good for the entire 6-month sponsorship.
  • Sponsors try to connect with their sponsored African leader via email or Facebook once a month on average and occasionally via Skype (if possible). They may go together through a bible or book study provided in the care package.
  • Sponsors are not “expert” teachers or leaders. They are encouragers and “sounding boards” for advice to the ones they are sponsoring.
  • It is not our goal for US leaders to change or “westernize” the worship style of African churches. We love and honor the joyful expressions of outward praise in the African culture! However, we hope to help our sponsored leaders go deeper in their understanding of biblical worship and leadership.
  • No money can be directly exchanged between the sponsored and sponsor. The sponsored leader cannot ask or hint for money from the sponsor. To do so would be to breach the covenant. We don’t want the sponsoring relationship to be strained or weakened by concerns over giving and receiving money.

Click here to download the Care Package. 

Want to be sponsored? Your first step is to sign the Sponsored Leader Covenant .