ReFOCUS ’23 Keynote Guest Speaker: Dave Edwards

Evangelist and Author from Houston, Texas

By Savannah Cone

Decades ago, Dwayne Moore and David Edwards were an evangelistic-duo. Dwayne would lead in a time of praise and Dave would bring the Word. Now, Dwayne is excited to have Dave as a guest speaker at this year’s ReFOCUS Retreat in Pensacola, Florida (also available online).

Dave’s expertise in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership is a spring-board for his time of teaching at ReFOCUS. In the last 25 years he has spoken at 2500+ locations including the White House, Chick-Fil-A Headquarters, Liberty University, and the Billy Graham Training Center. He has also written 30 books in relation to these topics, some of his favorites are Life Verse, God of Yes, and Lit.

Dave believes it is important for every leader or anyone training to be a leader to attend ReFOCUS. “ReFOCUS is not just an event, it is calling this generation to be a Jesus people. A guitar in the hands of a worshiper makes that person more than a musician. We have to know what it means to live a life of worship in addition to using our talents for the kingdom. I am looking forward to seeing you there.”

Dave is a renowned evangelist and author from Houston, Texas. In the last 25 years he has spoken at 2500+ locations and written 30 books on various topics such as evangelism, discipleship, and leadership.