On-campus groups growing together

NLW LIFE is collegiate chapters comprising Christians from various backgrounds and majors who want to worship God in every aspect of our lives. We encourage each other and hold each other accountable to worship the Lord inwardly through personal devotion, upwardly through praise and thanksgiving, and outwardly to others.

NLW LIFE is a division of Next Level Worship International, Inc..

  • “Inflow” events happen regularly on campus. These are group gatherings where we worship together, soak in God’s Word and in His presence, and study truths about lifestyle worship.
  • “Outflow” events happen a few times each semester. These are service projects where we worship God outwardly by ministering to people within our campus and local community.

    Praise Gatherings are one of the amazing events students get to be part of.

  • In addition to our large group Bible study times, we also have accountability teams (aka “Life Teams”) within our group. These are made up of 3-4 people of the same gender who meet often to pray for each other, encourage each other in their spiritual growth, and do life together.
  • There are also opportunities to connect with students and Christians in other parts of the US and world, through online praise gatherings and missions events with NLW International.
  • Discounts on Pure Praise books and other NLW material
  • Recorded video teaching sessions by NLW team
  • Discounts/VIP access for ReFOCUS Retreat in Pigeon Forge
  • Access to international online Praise Gatherings
  • Opportunities to go on NLW Mission Trips
  • Opportunities to participate in NLW Sponsorship Program
  • Occasional live video chats with NLW team members
  • Connection with other NLW LIFE chapters & students
  • Schools must have a college or university sponsor.
  • Must give recognition of this membership in official college marketing information (such as catalogs, brochures, etc).
  • Pay an annual fee of $399.
Please complete the contact form below and let us know why you want NLW LIFE on your campus. Thanks!


  • NLW investment in your school AND students
  • ReFOCUS Retreat VIP discounts
  • HOSTING of Praise Gatherings
  • ASPIRE Conference (NO FEE)
  • VIP discounts on books
  • Intl. & US missions opportunities


  • NLW investment in your school
  • ReFOCUS Retreat discounts
  • Participation in Praise Gatherings
  • ASPIRE Conference (for fee)
  • Discount on books
  • Intl. & US missions opportunities
  • N/A

I have long believed Next Level Worship should have student chapters on school campuses. We believe the Lord is in this NLW student chapter movement. Just like God used just two ladies to start a revival in 1858 that became the world-wide prayer revival, I pray He will use NLW LIFE to start a revival among college students here in the US and around the world.

Dr. Vernon Whaley
Trevecca Nazarene University

What NLW is bringing to the table is what a lot of Christian institutions are needing right now. We know we need to return to the heart of worship in some measure. Almost every educator of worship leaders I’ve talked to has a burden that we need to be renewed in the simple matter of loving Jesus and following him, which are part of the life of worship.

Dr. Paul Rumrill
Liberty University

To see the connections that can be made with other worship leaders around the world and even more so, domestically, that our students can see other students very similar to them who are called to serve the Lord. Our students want to be part of something bigger than just one school. My prayer is that under NLW’s leadership our students will grow and network with others.

Dr. Sam Green
Trevecca Nazarene University

Coming Soon for NLW LIFE Chapters!

International Friends Program

It’s pier to pier connections and encouragement for young worship leaders across oceans!



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