Meet Our Team

The NLWI Team is group of passionate leaders dedicated to helping change lives and churches through worship. We are grateful for each of these amazing people!

Dwayne Moore

Founder & President

Dwayne is the visionary leader & cheerleader for NLWI. He invests much of his time writing resources, speaking in churches and mentoring worship leaders.

Sonia Moore

Office Administrator

Sonia keeps our office running and takes care of shipping & other important admin stuff. We couldn't function without her organizational talents!

Jordan Hutton

Missions Director

Jordan has a passion for worship and missions. He's a perfect fit to oversee our international missions training programs. He's also a pretty mean cook!

Dawn Kelley

Community Development Director

Dawn oversees our community management system and helps us all stay connected. She also helps lead our Sponsorship Program.

Stephen Moore

Social Media Director

Stephen manages all things social online. He also travels with the team as our resident worship artist and photographer. (He's a multi-talented guy!)

Donald Kutala

Africa Director

Donald oversees our ministries in Africa, including our conferences and sponsorship program. He's also a local pastor and amazing worship leader!

Suzanne Provagna

Missions Assistant

Suzanne helps coordinate our mission trips and missions teams. She is a team leader in our Sponsorship Program. She's also a health coach!

John Martin

Chief Operating Director

John oversees all things administrative within NLWI. He also directs our donor development program. He's been Dwayne's close friend since childhood.