If you are considering sponsoring a worship leader in Africa, here are some questions and concerns you may have about our Sponsorship Program.

.“I don’t think I have time.”

Previous sponsors spent, on average, 3 hours a month communicating with their SWL (Sponsored Worship Leader). In addition, US sponsors spent more time in daily devotionals/readings; which they found, not only spiritually rewarding, but beneficial to their US based ministries.


“I would need support and not be alone in this. Who do I contact for help?”

You will not be alone in this effort. Our US team leaders have been through the sponsorship process themselves. In addition, our US team leaders have physically met their SWLs and personally seen the transformation in their lives via the sponsorship process. These US team leaders – who are passionate about this program – will be training you beforehand and guiding you during your sponsorship to ensure the sponsorship is valuable for you and your sponsored worship leader.

“Are there any resources offered to help me prepare?

Yes! To become a sponsor you will complete an online training that helps you prepare for your sponsorship and feel ready to go!


.“Sounds like a lot of reading.”

Previous sponsors simply used the reading material to fuel their private devotions. US sponsors usually find the partnered commitment for personal devotional time to be extremely beneficial in their personal walk with Christ. As a bonus, the US sponsors witness God working in the lives of their SWLs through the provided materials.


.“I’m not qualified to teach them.”

We are not asking sponsors to teach the material provided; but, rather, guide their SWL through the material. Worship ministry, regardless of the country the ministry is done in, is challenging. The materials provided are great conversational tools useful for encouragement. Typically, the sponsored WL is joyful and humbled just to know there is another WL praying for them and encouraging them along the way.


“I’ve always heard African worship is amazing. Is there really a need to teach them about worship?”

Experiencing other worship cultures is truly amazing! But, theological teachings on worship ministry and Biblical worship are not as readily available in other countries as it is in the US. Therefore, our goal at NLWI is to provide Biblical resources and practical leadership tools to help our SWLs engage their worship teams and congregations in glorifying the one, true God in their own style of worship.


“I don’t want to ‘Westernize’ their worship.”

NLWI is dedicated to maintaining the cultural identities of the worship leaders we sponsor. Our goal is to provide resources and training for Christ-centered worship that is, also, culturally relevant.


. “I don’t know their culture.”

We have trained leaders in cross-cultural studies who have experienced the cultural differences first-hand. They would love to share with you the cultural complexities which make up the body of Christ.


.“Is there a language barrier? How would we communicate?”

Typically, there are not any significant, language barriers and through the means of technology, communicating with your SWL is doable!


“I’ve never been full-time in a church. Does that matter?”

No! In fact, the majority of SWLs have full-time jobs outside of ministry. We do ask, since this program is focused on worship ministry, that you have some experience leading corporate worship and a praise team.


“Can I sponsor more than one person at one time?”

Yes, you can sponsor as many as 3 people at one time. However, please understand that will double or triple the amount of time you must give each month to them. Each person you sponsor must have your individual time, attention and care.


“Can I just donate money and not actually be a sponsor?”

Yes, you can donate money to help support our sponsorship program without actually being a sponsor to someone. The sponsorship program is very costly, and we need financial support as well as prayer support. Please go here to donate. Thank you!


“Will I have anything in common with my Sponsored Worship Leader?”

Both of you will have a common love for God, His people, and for drawing them into meaningful worship! In addition, we try our best to partner US worship leaders with SWLs who are at similar stages in life, have common goals, and comparable years of experience serving God. But most importantly, we pray over these partnerships and ask God to give us wisdom during the process so that all may be encouraged and trained for His good work!