In Defense of Quiet Times

By Dwayne Moore "Quiet times" have gotten a bad rap lately. A Christian book came out recently that casts doubt on quiet times, implying they are something of the past, something that worked for earlier generations but not so much now. The other day I heard a church leader say he is "suspect"

Watching Dreams Come True

Dwayne Moore shares about where he was when God showed him the tremendous vision to help "thousands of worship leaders and pastors in many parts of the world." That vision has already become a reality with more than 12,000 leaders trained to date and hundreds of thousands being taught about worship via TV &

The Song Story of Silent Night

By Johannes Schröder It almost happened this year, didn't it? "Silent Night" on Christmas Eve - literally. The latest tightening of the Corona ordinances prohibited congregational singing in German churches. And for the first time in as long as I can remember, the congregation no longer sings along in worship ... not

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