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The cost for the ALL 3 COMBO PACKAGE for the 10-week Fundamentals Course, the 12 month Coaching Network, and the week-long Intensive is $2988–a savings of $800. You can pay 12 monthly installments of $249 per month.

The cost for the Coaching+Intensive Package is $2880–a savings of $500. You can pay 12 monthly installments of $240.

NOTE: Your credit card will NOT be charged unless you are accepted. We will email you to notify you if you are accepted. After you have been notified, your card will be charged for the first 2 months up front as a down payment.

Please complete the following online application and indicate whether you are applying for only the Coaching and Intensive Combo or for the “ALL 3 Package” (if you also want to include the Fundamentals Course).

Hit the submit button below it to submit the form for our review. If you have any problems or questions, please email us at office @

Application for COMBO (10-week Course AND Intensive)
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