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Pilot Church Application

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We are incredibly excited about our new church-wide Bible study called “PressforthePrize: A 40-day Study to Hear Heaven’s Praise“! We plan to release it internationally in 2013.

We are looking now for 10 churches of various sizes and denominations to be pilot churches for PressforthePrize in 2012. These churches need to be from different parts of the US and in other countries. The pilot churches who’ve signed up thus far range in size from 80 to 8000 in membership.
This year is ideal to do PressforthePrize because you can key off the Summer Games, which are this Summer!
Would your church be a pilot church? To be a pilot church for PressforthePrize, you need to be able to:
  1. Calendar it for either this Summer, Fall, or Winter of 2012
  2. Agree to use the Heaven’s Praise devotional study with your members, as well as the PressforthePrize small group leadership materials
  3. Assure us that your lead pastor will promote and prioritize PressforthePrize within your church
  4. Give us thoughtful feedback from your pastor and key church leaders
The only financial cost to pilot churches will be purchasing the Heaven’s Praise books for your members–and you can pass that cost on to your members. You can order Heaven’s Praise from us at 33% OFF the retail cost (for 50 books or more)! (Download a sample from Heaven’s Praise.)
First Class Small Group Material!
Dr. Terry Hadaway is writing the small group materials that your small groups or Sunday School classes would use.
Terry has written small group companion materials for books by John Maxwell, John MacArthur, Billy Graham, Max Lucado, and others! Terry is also the Small Groups Pastor at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN. Long Hollow is doingPressforthePrize this Fall with their 139 small groups! 
Here’s what Dr. Terry Hadaway, author of the small group materials, said about PressforthePrize:
“I believe this study will be a pivotal point in the educational direction of any church that does it. They are going to come to a fork in the road where they will have to choose between business as usual (and the same results) or getting serious about discipling believers and impacting their communities and world. It’s time to raise the bar and expect God’s people to be God’s people. Otherwise, the church will continue its march toward Laodicea.” ~Dr. Terry Hadaway
Interested? If so, you will need to complete an application (see below), to be considered as a pilot church. We plan to finalize our 10 pilot churches by the first part of March.
Be sure to email us or call our office at 877.261.0521 if you have any questions.

Dwayne Moore
Dwayne Moore
We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much!



Application to Be a Pilot Church


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