FREE Worship & Ministry Team Devotionals!


(NOTE: This was posted in September of 2010. The devotionals are no longer free.)

If you’ve been through Pure Praise or one of Dwayne’s other books, then you know the tremendous impact they can have. Dwayne will be launching a free resource in November! It’s called Praise Portions: Devotions to FIRE UP Your Ministry and Worship Teams!

Each written devotional will take about 5-10 minutes to do with your team. Each includes two or three optional discussion questions. They require little or no preparation to do.

When you sign up, we will send you monthly emails with a link to download the weekly devotions for each month (for four months).  Each month’s set of devotions is a single PDF file so you can download and print it off. Each month’s issue will be available a few days in advance of each month so you can use them with your group.

To purchase these weekly devotions, click here.



Juiwanna Heistand
21 September, 2010 At 12:25 am

I am excited about this Devotional!
What is the final word on , “Heaven’s Praise”?
I haven’t heard any more after the proofreading and comment time…..
Thanks so much,

At 12:25 am

Thanks…something our team needs

At 12:25 am

Hey Juiwanna, Heaven’s Praise is being released in June. We are currently gathering endorsements for it. Everything else is completed on our end, except the video teaching segments. Thanks for being a reading partner!

At 12:25 am

Awesome Neal! Glad to hear it.

At 12:25 am

Have been looking forward to this for my team.
Happy! Happy!! Happy!!!
Can’t wait….

At 12:25 am

Excited about what this will bring to our team!

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