• This is Dwayne Moore's REVISED EDITION of his original study, Pure Praise: A Heart-focused Bible Study on Worship. This 9-week devotional book is a best-selling and award-winning in-depth study written especially for worship teams and leaders. Buy it and see why Liberty University uses Pure Praise as a textbook in two of their worship courses to teach their students a daily habit of personal worship. For details, please go here.
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    The Individual Pass includes... >Access to all online sessions >Access to recordings of all sessions >Interactive q/a times w/speakers & Musicians >Access to special workshops
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    • ER. WIR. SIE. Die lebensverändernde Formel des Vaterunsers ist ein eingehendes hingebungsvolles Bibelstudium. Es eignet sich gut für Einzelpersonen, kleine Gruppen und kirchenweite Gebetskampagnen.
    • Geschrieben von Bestsellerautor Dwayne Moore, HE. WIR. SIE. wird Ihr Gebetsleben vertiefen, indem Sie entdecken, wie Sie das "Gebetsmodell" jeden Tag beten können.
    • 5 Wochen lang 5 Lektionen im Devotion-Stil pro Woche (insgesamt 25 Lektionen)
    • Beinhaltet Kleingruppenfragen für jede Studienwoche Schließen Sie tägliche Reaktionszeiten ein, um das, was Sie lernen, zu infundieren und zu erfahren
    HINWEIS: Dieses E-Book ist hier kostenlos in deutscher Sprache erhältlich. Wir bitten Sie jedoch, zu spenden, was Sie können, um es zu kaufen. Wir werden Ihre Spende verwenden, um dieses Buch in anderen Sprachen und Ländern bereitzustellen.
  • What could happen if you set aside a full month to create more space in your life and schedule? How might you change and grow if you made more room for listening each day? What if you focused more on being than doing? What might you discover about God, yourself and others? How might your eyes be opened to things you’ve missed? Imagine what could happen. Buy this 31-day devotional by Dwayne Moore and take the journey to create more space in your life! From the back cover: "Creating Space can help you see God more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly." NOTE: This ebook is available here in English for whatever you can give. We ask that you please consider donating something for the book. We will use what you donate to provide this book in other languages and countries.
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    Purchase these 35 beautiful posters to download — each with an inspiring quote from Pure Praise! You can print them or use them as a screensaver on your computer!
  • This is half of the Sponsor's Fee to sponsor an African worship leader for 6 months. Sponsor's fee helps to purchase a "care package" of books and materials for your sponsored leader in Africa.
  • The WorshipLife Personal Journal - Pack of 10 contains 10 Personal Journals, allowing for a discounted total price. The WorshipLife Personal Journal contains 30 daily devotionals on worship. It was written by Dwayne Moore and is part of the WorshipLife Churchwide Campaign.
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    ReFOCUS Group Pass

    The Group Pass is perfect for groups of 7 of more. It includes... >Access to all online sessions >Access to recordings of all sessions >Interactive q/a times w/speakers & Musicians >Access to special workshops


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